Packaging Content

* If they are missing, please contact the support

Included Cable

Fan-fan connector block:

To daisy chain fans when they are adjacent to each other.

Fan-fan Cable:

To daisy chain fans with distance between them.

Controller-fan Cable:

Control and provide power to the fan from A-RGB Controller.

M/B-fan Cable:

Control Fan Speed, RGB effect and provide power to the fan from Motherboard.

M/B-Controller Cable:

Motherboard to RGB Controller Cable:

Transmit Fan PWM and RGB signal to the A-RGB Controller.



How many fans can I daisy chain?

You can daisy chain up to 5 fans on each of the port of the ARCTIC ARGB Controller.

If plugged directly on the motherboard, up to 5 fans can be daisy-chain on each motherboard ARGB header.

1st Fan

Option 1: Connect To Motherboard

Option 2: Connect To Fan Controller

2nd Fan, 3rd Fan ...

Option 1: Side by Side

Option 2: At a Distance

Fan Mounting

Mount on Radiator

* If they are missing, please contact the support.

* If they are missing, please contact the support.

Mount on PC Case

* If they are missing, please contact the support.

Controller Remote Button
Activate PWM Settings

The speed of BioniX P120 A-RGB can be adjusted using PWM signal from the motherboard. Please follow this procedure to adjust the settings on your motherboard.

If you want to control several fans from one unique motherboard header, you can use PWM splitter cables such as the ARCTIC PST Cable rev2 . We however recommend to limit the number of fans per header to 5 as the current may be limited to 1.0 A per header (please refer to your motherboard manual).

To control more than 5 fans from one unique header, we recommend you to use the ARCTIC Case Fan Hub. Its external SATA power will circumvent the header current limitation. uses cookies, to give its readers the best website experience. In addition, some cookies are also set by third party services. Further information can be found in the Privacy Policy.

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