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Mounting the Fan

Choose Airflow direction

Mounting in a PC case

Mounting in a DIY Project

Connecting the Fan

In a PC

* Fan PWM control will not be available in this configuration.

In a DIY Project

Controlling the Fan

In a PC

In the mainboard BIOS, you can activate and configure the PWM fan speed. Please refer to your mainboard manual regarding the settings in your BIOS.

Some mainboard may able to adjust the fan speed in manual mode to customize according to your own preference.

Fan may not start right away if PWM values set too low, please refer to Fan speed vs PWM curve.

The RPM feedback form mainboard is the one of the first fan.

We recommend not to more than 5 fans as some motherboards may only deliver 1.0A per fan header. Please consult your motherboard specification.

In a DIY Project

Adjust the fan speed by control input voltage accordingly.

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