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Mounting the Fan

Choose Airflow direction

For the intake installation, we suggest adding the provided spacer on top of four mounting holes.

Peel off the spacer

Stick it on the mounting hole

Contact ARCTIC Support if the Spacers are not available on your package.

Mounting in a PC case

Mounting in a DIY Project

Connecting the Fan

In a PC

* Fan PWM control will not be available in this configuration.

In a DIY Project

Controlling the Fan

In a PC

The speed of P14 Slim PWM PST can be adjusted using PWM signal from the motherboard. Please follow this procedure to adjust the settings on your motherboard.

You can control several fans from one unique header using the integrated PST extension however, we recommend to limit the number of fans per header to 5 as the current may be limited to 1.0 A per header (please refer to your motherboard manual). The speed monitoring will be done on the first fan in the daisy-chain.

To control more than 5 fans from one unique header, we recommend you to use the ARCTIC Case Fan Hub. Its external SATA power will circumvent the header current limitation.

In a DIY Project

Adjust the fan speed by control input voltage accordingly.

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